Thinking about rebranding?


If so there are some basic guidelines that apply to all sizes of businesses.


  • brands must be consistent in value but not static in nature
  • rebrands should be driven by your business strategy and external market factors not internal preferences or politics.
  • to maintain competitiveness is it brand evolution: - refresh of existing strenghs/values, or brand revolution: - complete renewal of the message?
  • rebranding can generate the perception of revitalising/modernising both the visual identity and message of the business.


Ultimately, branding as a key communication tool, stands or falls by its ability to locate audiences and convert business opportunities.








Marketing Planner, developed by JY Marketing, is a tool designed to identify both weaknesses and potential opportunities for smaller businesses It covers the 3 core areas including 'the business', 'the products' and 'the strategy' in a questionnaire format with only 7  key questions about each.


It is intended to provide both a focus for businesses and form the basis of a more detailed plan which we could help to build and implement for whatever your business development needs .



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