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At the centre of the marketing process is the marketing plan, a tool that embraces all aspects of your business/product offering(s) to achieve competitive success in the marketplace. This includes looking at your current business/marketing situation,setting achievable goals, competitor and market research, and the setting, actioning and monitoring of an effective marketing strategy. 


The prime aim of the marketing plan is firstly about establishing the desired differentiation of your product(s) from your competitors in the targeted segment(s), eg. in its function, 'styling', added value features, branding, pricing, distribution and marketing communications, and secondly, exploiting these to maximum effect to achieve both the desired profitable level of growth of your business and its sustainable competitive positioning in the marketplace.


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Product development: Could you develop your existing product(s) or service(s) with relative ease eg. extend, re-invent or diversify, as part of growing the business?


Market development: Looking at your current markets and potential new ones, are there other target sectors which could be exploited with your existing products?


Research: Product, market and competitor research as part of  the above.


Pricing: Price is a tool that is set to not only project the desired value positioning to the marketplace but also achieve the desired profit margins. Is it achieving this for you?


Distribution to market: What is the most suitable for your products and are you missing out on more effective methods to maximise your sales? -direct, intermediate or on line?


Branding: Is your brand(s), whether it is the name of your business or products, working for you as a tool that makes you more competitive? Is it meeting your expectations in achieving the desired perceived values, image and position in the marketplace?


Market communications: Whatever elements make up your contact strategy with the marketplace eg. people, direct mail, advertising, PR, events, digital - social media, e mailing, website etc., the clarity, consistency and creativity of your message is crucial in defining what clearly differentiates your business and products. Is this happening in your business or are there areas which fall short and need reviewing?


If any of the above strikes a chord with you please contact us to discuss specific areas of your business marketing on which you feel you need help and support.



Marketing Planner, developed by JY Marketing, is a tool designed to identify both weaknesses and potential opportunities for smaller businesses It covers the 3 core areas including 'the business', 'the products' and 'the strategy' in a questionnaire format with only 7  key questions about each.


It is intended to provide both a focus for businesses and form the basis of a more detailed plan which we could help to build and implement for whatever your business development needs .



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